Frequently Ask Questions

  1. What is Zoya Choco?
    Zoya Choco is the best nutritious chocolate drink for your kids. It is non-acidic. It is the perfect drink to serve either hot or cold.
  2. What are the benefits of Zoya Choco?

    • ✓ Energy booster drink.
    • ✓ Detoxifier.
    • ✓ Repairs damaged tissues due to free radicals.
    • ✓ Cancer protection.
    • ✓ Immune system booster.
    • ✓ Over-all protection.
  3. What are the natural ingredients found in Zoya Choco?
    Zoya Choco boasts of nutritious ingredients, known as super foods, like:
    • ✓ skinless soybeans.
    • ✓ ampalaya (bitter melon) leaves.
    • ✓ malunggay leaves, mangosteen.
    • ✓ taurine.
    • ✓ chlorella.
  4. On what age can you start drinking Zoya Choco?
    Zoya Choco is advisable for children 4 years old onwards
  5. Is Zoya Choco good for adults?
    Yes! Especially for those who want a healthy substitute for hot drinks like coffee; those who are on a diet; and those who experience constipation.
  6. What makes Zoya Choco stand out from other chocolate drinks?
    Zoya Choco is made of natural ingredients and contains no chemical formulation. It is a supplemental drink that provides wellness for kids or even for adults.
  7. What is the best time to drink Zoya Choco?
    Anytime you want! Hot or cold, you may enjoy the newest favorite drink of all, Zoya Choco!
  8. What is the suggested retail price (SRP) of Zoya Choco?
    The suggested retail price (SRP) of one (1) sachet of Zoya Choco is P15.00. A box of 15’s has a suggested retail price (SRP) of P150.00
  9. Where can I buy Zoya Choco?
    Zoya Choco is available at Brigada Pharmacies and all leading drugstores nationwide. It is also available in all Brigada News FM stations.

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